My Chemical Romance, Not Dead(!) Yet?


Two years ago the hugely famous rock band, My Chemical Romance fell apart. Front-man Gerard Way later commented that “the end of Black Parade felt like a very natural end” and when writing their fourth album, Danger Days: The Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, he said he “felt like betraying some sort of artistic command that I had within myself”. It seemed that MCR was destined to hold their spot at the top, with their iconic album Black Parade, and that Gerard wasn’t ready to passionately continue onward afterwards.

But hold it right there! You read the title of this article; My Chemical Romance, ready to start again! So what’s happened recently that leads to such a brash conclusion? Well the astute eyes over at Kill The Music, noticed a few things that could prove that MCR isn’t ready to disappear yet.

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Tommy Ramone, Last Original Ramones Member, Dead at 65

10540858_10203306837785050_5140227897012198530_nTommy Ramone (born Tom Erdelyi) died on Friday night, July 11, 2014. His family noted the cause of death as “cancer of the bile duct,” according to the New York Times. Erdelyi was the original drummer for the Ramones, as well as a producer on later albums. The Ramones are respected by many as one of the most important bands of the punk movement, as well as forefathers of heavy music. The other three members of the Ramones died between the years of 2001-2004. The original members of the band had never reconciled.  Continue reading