Famous Last Words: How did My Chemical Romance get so big?

Few bands can claim that their popularity post-breakup may well exceed it while the band was still active. My Chemical Romance, though the band has been dead for 6 years now, is always the constant source of “OMG will they come back please” news pieces. Don’t worry, we won’t be participating in those.

Anyhow, it’s pretty clear that the band accomplished much in their decade+ together. Touring with Linkin Park? Check. Platinum records? Check. A vanguard for the Myspace generation? Double check. The list of accolades the band racked up is certainly a special one, but now we ask ourselves this – just how did the band get so big? Our friends at The Punk Rock MBA – as well as us – weigh in.

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Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) releases another new single, “Getting Down The Germs”

After releasing a Halloween-themed single a few short weeks ago, Gerard Way has released another new single in relatively quick succession. The new track, “Getting Down The Germs”, surfaced overnight – and it’s the 2nd new track he’s released since 2015. While there’s no news about a new EP or album, any new music from the former My Chemical Romance vocalist and The Umbrella Academy creator is always good news. Check out the new song below.

The new music from Gerard Way is his first since 2014 solo effort Hesitant Alien, which is still a fantastic record if you’ve not yet listened to it. A departure from My Chemical Romance in all the right ways, really.

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This Day In Music History: October 23, 2006 – My Chemical Romance releases “The Black Parade”

Produced by Rob Cavallo, who also produced platinum records from Phil Collins, Shinedown, Goo Goo Dolls, and many more, My Chemical Romance’s 2006 album The Black Parade propelled the young band into arena-level status upon its release. Debuting at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 in its first week of release, the concept and story-driven record wore its Queen, David Bowie, and Beatles references on its sleeves in the form of a rock opera.

Featuring popular MCR tracks like “Teenagers”, “Famous Last Words”, and of course the title track (which is a meme in itself), the album is among the defining albums of the mid-2000’s. Revisit it below right along with us, and if you’ve never listened to the record in its entirety, it’s admittedly pretty solid, even if you’re not a huge fan of the band.

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This Day In Music History: July 23, 2002 – My Chemical Romance releases Geoff Rickly-produced debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

16 years ago today, My Chemical Romance unleashed their debut album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love on an unsuspecting public. The Geoff Rickly (Thursday, No Devotion) produced effort, which had a clearly defined hardcore punk influence, saw the band touring with Misery Signals, Every Time I Die, Remembering Never, and eventually The Used in support of the record. Released on Eyeball Records, the release was a slow burner – but word of mouth caught fire quickly, and the band would soon sign to major label Reprise Records for the release of their sophomore full-length, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

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