ARCHERS Debut New Song & Music Video “Making Eyes”

Following their release of Black Lung in 2019, Archers have released their newest single Making Eyes.

Making Eyes blends Archers’ traditional post-hardcore sound with a slow melodic intro similar to bands like Palisades and Emarosa’s newest album, Peach Club. The melodic intro builds as the song progresses and introduces the story. The song really picks up when the second verse hits that leads into a heavier chorus with a thundering breakdown and a powerful key change that really makes the whole song come together in full force.

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The Relapse Symphony Returns with New Single “Left Turns In New Jersey”

Fans of The Relapse Symphony have anxiously been awaiting new music, and the time has finally come. Left Turns In New Jersey is the first release from the band since their second full length album, Born To Burn, was released back in 2015.

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YouTubers Make For Pretty Great Musicians

Ninja Sex Party making an appearance on Conan’s late night show

YouTube has been the premier platform for creative videos for more than a decade now. Content Creators can make their living off the website, but some explore other avenues of their imagination for one reason or another. Just as musicians post their music videos to the site, the creators on the site already have a headstart, with their fanbase established and an outlet to break out with.

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