The New Fury’s Guide to Becoming a Music Journalist (2018 Edition)

Sounds like a lot of “Hoopla!”. Have you ever looked at something that Metal Injection. It Djents, or TNF has written and thought to yourself “Hey, I should be doing this because I know way too much about music”? If you answered this question with a resounding “yes”, welcome aboard. And if you’re reading this article, then let me be the first to say: Congratulations! You’ve recently been hired at The New Fury, and this is your first official day of training.

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Exclusive Interview: Barrett of New

I have always enjoyed talking to other music journalist who are in it for all that right reasons, helping the bands. So recently I caught up with Barrett Stephens over at New Transcendence.  They are a true dedicated site that has been growing rapidly and truly helping any band that comes their way respectfully. I talk to Barret about PR, Journalists, and so much more. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Micah (Founder) of Pig Squeals And Breakdowns

528511_10151335901449638_262538896_n Recently I have been interviewing a bunch of Journalists/ Promoters. One that really stands out to me is Micah Neely, the founder of Pig Squeals And Breakdowns. PSAB is something I have watched grow from a small FB page, to a very well internet based music promotion entity in a short period of time. Recently I chatted with Micah about how far PSAB has come, the evolution of PSAB and so much more. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: Sean Jacobs of Defend The Scene

1061147_10201515391831302_268454114_nI had the privilege of meeting Sean Jacobs in the fall of 2011. Instantly we connected on musical tastes and similar love of multiple genres. He joined up with Introduce Yourself Zine in 2012. He started from a blank sheet, interviewing bands such as For Today, Bayside and many more. In the beginning he was hesitant and nervous of his own capabilities of being a journalist. I saw a light in him and proceeded to make it shine. I was not shocked with the results of the material and articles he put out. I knew all along he had a true talent for word and expression. Shortly after IY disbanded, Sean started a successful site (Defend The Scene). He has continued to excel and take it forward. I recently sat down and talked to Sean about DFS, His tastes and what inspires him.

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