Chris Motionless on 18 Visions reuniting – “I may come out of mosh retirement”

Through their 10+ years as a band, Motionless In White have gone from opening for small tours in tiny venues, to headlining their own massive, sold-out tours rather quickly. On the back of 2010’s full-length Creatures, the hard-touring metalcore outfit are also gaining high billing on festivals, as well as even getting active rock radio play with their new album, Graveyard Shift. Regardless of how you feel about the band overall, there is no denying they’ve toiled hard for everything they are accomplishing now.

The band, who are currently touring with In This Moment, gave us some of their time after their recent set at Hellfest (France) to discuss Graveyard Shift, Marilyn Manson, the 18 Visions new album and reunion, and even collaborating with Jonathan Davis of Korn. You can check out the interview below.

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Motionless In White are poised to infiltrate the mainstream with “Graveyard Shift”

In the past 5 years or so, the number of post-hardcore and metalcore bands that have come to national attention are as surprising as they are varied. From the metalcore turned alt-rock/active rock of Of Mice and Men, to Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiternal, to even newcomers like I Prevail getting high billing on major festivals, these are bands that have (mostly) figured out how to break out of the proverbial “scene”. When you realize that some of these bands are even played on national sports broadcasts when they were on the small stages of Warped Tour less than a decade ago, it’s a bit surreal, regardless of the overall quality of their music.

Having gained a ton of attention in the last few years, industrial metal/metalcore band Motionless In White are ready for their time in the spotlight. If you’ve been a fan of the band for a while, you’ll know that their breakout album Creatures is what really started things for MIW, but it was really breakout 2014 album Reincarnate that cemented the band as one that would hit mainstream attention. They’ve got all the tools for success – an enigmatic frontman in Chris Motionless, a sound that doesn’t alienate long-time fans of MIW, and an aesthetic that might remind many of Marilyn Manson around 20 years ago. These are all great qualities, and judging by the band’s upcoming tour plans this summer, the future is right now.

Their new album, Graveyard Shift, is available to stream right now below. It’s buoyed with songs that could be great singles, but is also a solid effort in full, only containing a disappointing track or two. Even if it’s not Creatures part II like many fans are clamoring for, the album really isn’t that much of a departure either.

There’s no doubt about it, though. Graveyard Shift is going to bring Motionless In White a metric ton of new fans. The question is, will you be there along for the ride?

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Watch: Motionless In White on Warped Tour, circa 2008

Seeing bands in their infancy, when nobody knows about them, is quite an experience. Especially when said band is packing massive venues now. Motionless In White is one of those bands – their run of success seemingly started with breakout album Creatures, but the groundwork was laid years earlier, when the band toured hard and played to anyone that would listen. Given their success and work ethic, it’s clear that those years of cutting their teeth on the road helped prepare them for their current status.

All bands have to start somewhere, though. Here’s a video of the band playing what appears to be an unknown Warped Tour date, likely around 2008. And given the band’s experience now, it’s certainly surprising to see what they looked like back then. Warning – the sound quality here is not good, but then again, it is from almost 10 years ago.

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Watch: Motionless In White cover “Chop Suey!” (System Of A Down)

With acclaimed rock/metal band System Of A Down releasing a new album this year after a long hiatus, perhaps it’s only fitting that Motionless In White, who are also releasing a new album in 2017, attempt a cover of SOAD’s “Chop Suey!”. The single, which comes from 2001’s breakout album Toxicity, remains a staple today. Admittedly, the live cover isn’t that great, but given by the crowd’s reaction to it, I’m not sure it matters that much. Check out the song below via our friends at Rock Feed.

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