Suicide Silence returns to form on new single, “Meltdown” – listen

We won’t rehash the story for you, but know this – Suicide Silence are a band with plenty to prove going into their upcoming 6th full-length album, Become The Hunter. Their 2017 self-titled full-length, which attempted to shoehorn Deftones-esque melodic sections into their brand of deathcore, simply didn’t work – both commercially or critically. Spawning a legion of “TEEHEE!” memes, the veteran band became something of a running joke in the metal community, though that wasn’t completely warranted considering the quality of their previous material.

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Ivan Moody to leave Five Finger Death Punch… Again?

These last few months have been eventful, to say the least, for Five Finger Death Punch.
Back in November, the frontman, Ivan Moody, was replaced by Phil Labonte for their American tour, and two months ago, the frontman had a meltdown onstage, when he announced that he was leaving the band. But soon, he shared a statement on social medias to clarify his situation. He wouldn’t be leaving the band, but managing to deal with a side-project.

But now, things are getting serious again.

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