This Day In Music History: September 15, 1998 – Marilyn Manson examines alienation with “Mechanical Animals”

Reinvention is both a blessing and a curse for artists. Do you risk following up a platinum record – one that put you in the national consciousness – with more of the same? Do you play it safe or take a big risk, stylistically? That was the quandary facing Marilyn Manson in 1998, as their 1996 sophomore record Antichrist Superstar propelled them to worldwide fame. The response was the David Bowie-inspired Mechanical Animals, which twisted around the band’s industrial metal formula into something even more intriguing.

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Marilyn Manson ousts longtime bandmate Jeordie White in the best way possible

Marilyn Manson has long been known for over 2 decades as a counterculture, shock-rock icon that always challenged societal and religious norms. Though in the 2000’s his career took a bit of a downturn, his last two albums (especially 2014’s The Pale Emperor) have been well-received, much like his iconic albums from the mid to late 90’s.

Marilyn Manson member Jeordie White (who goes by Twiggy Ramirez), who was initially in the band until 2000 (and then again in 2008 until a couple days ago) was with the band and even friends with Manson when the band was first gaining traction. Jeordie, as you likely know, was accused of abuse and rape by Jack Off Jill’s Jessicka Adams a few days ago, in a harrowing post on social media. And Manson’s response to these accusations were as good of a response as you’re likely to get. How hard is it to kick out a band member that you toured and recorded with for many years? Likely nearly impossible, but hats off to Manson for responding the way he did.

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Marilyn Manson carried out on stretcher after prop falls on him during live performance

Concerts are generally a safe place to have a great time and enjoy a fun show. Music by nature is a diversion from the cruel realities of life. However, as we’ve seen before with expensive and elaborate stage setups – things can easily go wrong. And apparently they did with Marilyn Manson during a performance in NYC – after recently breaking his ankle on stage as well.

We’ve got eyewitness accounts of the damage, and while it’s unclear what injuries the counterculture icon Manson suffered, we’ll be keeping you updated throughout the night as news continues to break. Stay tuned.

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