25 albums you won’t believe are celebrating their 20th anniversaries in 2020

Few years in the annals of music history are more significant than the year 2000. The turn of a new millennium brought with it a rapidly changing musical climate, and as the music industry inched closer to its current reliance on streaming, new genres of music became marketable. 20 years ago, you had nu-metal hitting its commercial peak, with the oncoming storm (hah!) of post-hardcore and metalcore not far behind, in particular. You also had post-metal upstarts like Isis start to emerge out of the underground, the humble beginnings of Lamb Of God, and many more.

Join us as we take a look at 25 albums you won’t believe are turning 20 this year. From Outkast to Radiohead, Marilyn Manson to Mudvayne, and Linkin Park to Limp Bizkit, the gang’s all here.

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This Day In Music History: July 19th, 1994 – Marilyn Manson launches career with “Portrait Of An American Family”

Countercultural icons, especially in the music industry, don’t often come out of nowhere. Of course, just 5 years after the release of Marilyn Manson’s debut album, one Brian Warner was in the crossfire of Christian fundamentalists and disgruntled parents alike for supposedly being one of the main reasons the Columbine Shooting happened. As ridiculous as it sounds now, Marilyn Manson’s music was one of the scapegoats for it, though it’s simply not true.

The release of Marilyn Manson’s debut album, Portrait Of An American Family, was a slow-burner of sorts. A vastly different album than the industrial shock-rock/metal that would dominate future records, part of the record was famously recorded in the same house that Sharon Tate was murdered in by…the Manson Family. The album, which was also produced by Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor, contained more elements of grunge and alternative metal than were evident in subsequent releases. Though not necessarily a commercial success, the album was led by distinct singles in “Lunchbox” and “Dope Hat”, as well as lead single “Get You Gunn”, which provided much controversy early on – as did their stage shows.

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This Day In Music History: September 15, 1998 – Marilyn Manson examines alienation with “Mechanical Animals”

Reinvention is both a blessing and a curse for artists. Do you risk following up a platinum record – one that put you in the national consciousness – with more of the same? Do you play it safe or take a big risk, stylistically? That was the quandary facing Marilyn Manson in 1998, as their 1996 sophomore record Antichrist Superstar propelled them to worldwide fame. The response was the David Bowie-inspired Mechanical Animals, which twisted around the band’s industrial metal formula into something even more intriguing.

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