Make Way For Man brings out the technical side of metalcore in “Rites” (review)

The tried-but-true progressive metalcore sound that bands like Periphery, ERRA, and more have embodied is always welcome to my ears. Stuff like this just never gets old, as the technical prowess needed to create this type of sound is immense. Make Way For Man, another act from our friends down under, brings this to the table, and has been since 2015. Now, they’re collecting all their singles from the past few years into their new EP Rites.

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Djent From Down Under: Make Way For Man release “Rites”, announce EP

Building off an already-stellar year for metal acts from Australia, Make Way For Man has announced their new EP Rites, and released the title track to the world.

One of my favorite kinds of sounds, this fast-paced brand of djent/progressive metal rarely sees the light of day anymore, and I’m always thrilled to hear complex riffs, aggressive vocals, and nonstop breakdowns such as the ones Make Way For Man display in “Rites.”

Having shared the stage with the likes of Meshuggah, Periphery, and Trivium, they’ve reverberated with their Aussie audience more than once, and will surely do so again when it’s safe.

Rites is set for release on September 18th, and has earned a place on our radar with the impressive single which you can listen to below!