Couple gets kicked out of a Machine Head show in San Diego after boning in the front row

There’s plenty of reasons why concertgoers might get kicked out of a show; moshing, stagediving, crowdsurfing, being drunk and disorderly, and many more that we don’t have time to list. While Machine Head members Phil Demmel and Dave McClain will be departing the veteran metal act after their final show November 24th, apparently going out with a “bang” has a new meaning for a couple who got kicked out of the band’s show in San Diego.

Yes, we’re absolutely serious on this one. At the band’s recent show in San Diego supporting their newest record Catharsis, “complete insanity” ensued when apparently a couple was caught and kicked out of the show for entering the “bone zone”. In the front row, no less. Shockingly, the couple didn’t win the band’s famed Most Valuable Rager shirt, but that’s probably because they didn’t get to finish. Or did they?

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Battlecross: Will to Win

BattlecrossSome bands make waves; Battlecross makes tsunamis. Over the last year-and-a-half, the Canton, Michigan group has taken the metal world by storm by combining slabs-of-steel riffing, machine-gun drumming and larynx-shredding vocals to create its signature brand of death-infused thrash. Continue reading