Lost Conduit release their debut album “Astral” with 12 guest features – listen

Lost Conduit is a band that has gone above and beyond with their music. The duo created their own hybrid mixture between djent and death metal. The mastermind behind the instrumentals of Lost Conduit is Drew Klugger while Justin Haskin utilizes his wide range of vocals. Lost Conduit has finally released their long anticipated debut album Astral and the guest feature list is nothing short of massive. Astral is the band’s first album and a very well done debut at that. Our very own Mike R. has recently reviewed Astral in full, you can read that here. Astral is a 10 track album built around the atmosphere they’ve created with their music. Astral features 12 guest vocalists spread across 5 out of the 10 tracks, with some tracks having more than 1 vocalist on it. The cocktail of guest features plays really well with the structure of this album, keeping things versatile and fresh.


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Hear 12 deathcore guest vocalists on Lost Conduit’s new album “Astral” (review)

A list of the features on “Astral”

Collaboration across bands is both normal and welcome in the scene. But basing an entire album off of vocal features is a whole different beast. Lost Conduit has accomplished just that, featuring TWELVE vocalists across the genre of deathcore for their debut album Astral. This is going to make for a unique listen, almost a contest of who can hit the lowest gutturals and the highest squeals. Let’s take a listen to Astral:

Self-described as “Spacey / Djent / death metal vibes,” the synthy breakdown reveals this to be true in the title track opener. Riff-heavy, well-layered, and brutal, it’s like a beautiful mix of Born of Osiris and Rings of Saturn. Despite the insane amount of guest vocalists, Lost Conduit’s main vocalist, Justin Haskin (of Desolist), flexes a wide range of highs and lows, benefitted by production techniques to bring out his devastating delivery.

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