Final Masquerade: 18 of Linkin Park’s most underrated songs

With 7 studio albums under their belt, a successful remix album (Reanimation), and an endless string of accolades, Linkin Park has a hold on popular culture like few other rock bands of this generation. While their evolution from Hybrid Theory & Meteora to their more modern electronic and alt-rock experiments haven’t always been the best received, overlooking their newer material would be a mistake.

No matter where the band goes in the wake of the late Chester Bennington’s passing, here’s 15 tracks (and a few honorable mentions) from the band that manage to be overlooked and underrated – but certainly shouldn’t be. This means that there’s plenty of songs from their entire discography here – even their newest record, One More Light. Also, our list mainly consists of non-singles, with a few exceptions. We’ve included all songs, including honorable mentions, in a handy Spotify playlist as well.

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This Day In Music History: July 30th, 2002 – Linkin Park releases chart-topping remix album, “Reanimation”

Currently the 4th highest-selling remix album of all time (right behind Michael Jackson, Madonna, and The Beatles), Linkin Park’s 2002 album Reanimation served as an expansion of their previous material, as well as hinting at the directions they’d later go in musically. Featuring an array of collaborators (Jay Gordon, Aaron Lewis, and many more) and expanding on their obvious electronic and hip-hop influences, Reanimation is almost a new studio album for the band instead of being just a remix album.

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The Catalyst: Revisiting Linkin Park’s underrated and ambitious 2010 album, “A Thousand Suns”

Even at their critical low points, one thing you could never accuse multiplatinum rock band Linkin Park of was lacking ambition. While Hybrid Theory and Meteora may have defined modern rock in the early 2000’s, it was their evolution on subsequent albums that, while not always the most well-received, ensured the band was always adored by their fans. That’s also not including the fact that managing to incorporate new styles into their core sound was not an easy task to begin with, yet they never faded away like many of their peers.

It was on 2010’s A Thousand Suns that Linkin Park delivered arguably their most ambitious piece of work. Notably produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, it’s an exciting and diverse rock record that doesn’t get nearly enough love and attention – and we’re here to discuss why it’s worth your time and then some.

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One More Light: Linkin Park posts powerful tribute to Chester Bennington: “We miss you more than words can express”

Over the course of 20 years, 7 full-lengths, and countless sold-out tours, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington impacted countless lives with the sheer power of his voice – providing the soundtrack to millions of people. One year ago, a legend left us – but his spirit still resonates with fans all around the world, as it can be argued no band has the kind of passionate fanbase that Linkin Park has – and will continue to have – for years to come. Case in point, look at all the fan-led memorials that are commemorating Chester’s enduring spirit.

The remaining members of Linkin Park took a moment to remember their fallen brother in a powerful post on social media today. The lesson to take away is that while Chester may not be with us physically anymore, his spirit certainly will be. And isn’t it the art you leave behind that matters the most?

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