Guitarist Wes Borland confirms a new Limp Bizkit album is being recorded

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, who’s a driving and creative force in rock music outside of LB as well, has confirmed that the veteran band is hitting the studio after a delay. Said delay was, according to Borland, due to the devastating California wildfires that have gone on for weeks now. The new record is as of yet untitled, but whenever it releases, it’ll be their first new record since 2011’s Gold Cobra – a solid record in its own right.

Borland also posted a video on Instagram below, where he demoes out what appears likely to be new Limp Bizkit riffs. Exciting news for the band, who still manage to reign in massive crowds wherever they go. Of course, the band has sold over 40 million records in their career, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

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Pollution: Watch Limp Bizkit play a set in a Kansas City parking lot in 1997

It wasn’t that long ago that band like Korn, Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit were selling hundreds of thousands of albums every single week. In fact, it was less than two decades ago! The days of alternative metal and even nu-metal bands touring arenas really aren’t that far gone.

Still, there’s something very interesting seeing some of the bands from that era play their first shows in obscure locations – like a hole in the wall bar, or even a parking lot in Kansas City, like Limp Bizkit did in 1997. Filmed shortly after the release of their debut full-length 3 Dollar Bill, Y’all, this was the beginning of Limp Bizkit’s seemingly endless touring in support of this album – one that would just a year later see them touring with Korn on the successful Family Values tour.

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Moments In Nu-Metal History: July 24, 1999 – Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst loses it during “Break Stuff” at Woodstock

There was a certain mystique that Woodstock ’99 had, minus the rampant commercialism, of course. The lineup? Absolutely stacked. Rage Against The Machine. Metallica. Korn. Red Hot Chili Peppers. And a little band called Limp Bizkit, whose popularity after their performamce at Woodstock catapulted them into selling millions of copies of Significant Other, which dropped a few weeks before their Woodstock set.

Their performance wasn’t without controversy, to be sure. But it’s near impossible to not be in awe of the way Limp Bizkit simply commanded the crowd. Even 20 years later, few bands of that era could truly pull this off. Truly the concert for the end of the millennium. And you can’t beat fans in the crowd surfing on boards.

According to legend and folklore, Wes Borland can spin around an infinite number of times while playing guitar, and still not get dizzy.

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This Day In Music History: June 22nd, 1999 – Limp Bizkit releases “Significant Other”

While Limp Bizkit’s second album Significant Other isn’t necessarily the best that rap-metal had to offer in the late 90’s, it was certainly one of the most commercially successful, moving over 600,000 first-week units (yes, this actually used to happen). A more mature album than their debut 3 Dollar Bill, Ya’ll!, it contained megahits “Break Stuff” and the left-field hit “Re-Arranged”. Even crazier, it was released 21 years ago today. It remains a key influence on some of the more popular bands of the style today, including Jayden Panesso of Sylar.

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