15 Reasons U.S. Black Metal Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Black metal is a very unique subgenre of extreme metal that is set apart from others by many reasons. Whether it be the common use of lo-fi production, the infamous history, or exhilarating stage theatrics in a live setting, black metal is easily recognizable. One interesting characteristic of black metal is how there seems to be a distinct sound that comes from every country or even parts of certain countries. When black metal is brought up, the initial bands mentioned usually cater to none other than Norway and its infamous second wave scene during the 1990s. This includes bands such as Mayhem, Emperor, and many more. Usually Sweden is followed up after that with a wide spectrum consisting of everything from Bathory to Watain. Finland, Austria, Germany Рthe list just seems to go on and on. But wait Рwhat about United States black metal? The U.S. has been often accused of not having a good black metal scene due to many bands experimenting with the black metal formula, not having records as good as European bands, etc. As a firm believer that the United States has a growing interest in black metal and is starting to give birth to many new and breathtaking artists, I want to present the argument that the U.S. scene needs to be paid attention to. Here are fifteen artists that support why black metal matters in the United States.

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10 Metal Albums To Look Forward To In 2015

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2014 was an spectacular year for metal with countless releases from every corner imaginable. Every subgenre saw multiple albums that achieved incredible feats from Job For A Cowboy’s “Sun Eater” to Behemoth’s “The Satanist”. A new year has recently rolled in and we can only hope to see a fraction of great new music to be released. Is 2015 going to be as good as 2014 was for metal? What new albums should you look forward to?¬† Continue reading