Knocked Loose plays a riotous surprise set at LDB Fest – watch

Life and Death Brigade Fest is a festival that unites some of the biggest names in hardcore and other subsects of the underground. Held in Louisville, Kentucky, this year’s lineup was stacked yet again, featuring the likes of Magnitude, Fiddlehead, Higher Power, and many more. With packed crowds that were clearly passionate for music (as you’ll soon see), it’s festivals and shows like this that remind us why music is an escape.

Of course, at festivals like this there’s often the occasional special guest and even surprise set, but that doesn’t make Knocked Loose’s appearance at the festival last weekend any less awesome. What made the riotous set even more awesome is the crowd participation and the connection KL has with their audience. It’s awfully impressive, and really goes to show why the Kentucky band are playing major festivals just 5-6 years into their career. Check out the whole thing below.

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Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris features on incendiary new Dying Wish song, “Enemies In Red”

What you need to know about Portland metalcore act Dying Wish is this – they’re fast, pissed-off, and one of the most exciting bands in the genre you probably haven’t heard yet. While the band haven’t even released a proper full-length just yet, last year’s split with Serration put them on the map as a band to immediately put on your radar, and their run of tour dates with Counterparts + Stray From The Path will end up doing much the same. The band’s new song “Enemies In Red”, which features Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris, hits just like your favorite early-2000’s metalcore bands – but with a fresh coat of paint that makes them such an exciting band in the scene.

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A Different Shade Of Awesome: Man crowdsurfs to the stage during Knocked Loose’s set in Atlanta – watch

Knocked Loose are currently enjoying a huge year, headlining a major tour on the backs of their new album A Different Shade Of Blue, and while the band might not quite be everyone’s cup of tea (ding dong, your opinion is WRONG though), there’s no disputing that Knocked Loose is one of many bands bringing new life into what heavy music can be.

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