Album Review: Cane Hill change up sound for new EP “Kill the Sun”

Cane Hill – ‘Kill the Sun’ [EP] (8.5/10)

When CANE HILL made themselves known towards the end of 2014 they were foreshadowed as one of the main bands to bring back nu-metal. Not that the genre had ever really left, of course. Their debut single ‘Sunday School’ was a great blast of nu-metal nostalgia with some nice modern metalcore touches. Sadly, their debut album ‘Smile’ never quite lived up to the potential the band seemed to have. There was a huge amount of buzz and the reception was positive, but it just felt like they were capable of so much more. While there didn’t seem to be as much anticipation surrounding the follow up album, ‘Too Far Gone’, I feel they went all out and are really finding their identity. Back with their new EP ‘Kill the Sun’ to be released via Rise Records on January 18th 2019, this may make or break CANE HILL. Continue reading

Interview: Cane Hill vocalist Elijah Witt discusses “Kill The Sun”, Pantera, and Alice In Chains

In the span of just a few years, New Orleans, Louisiana metal band Cane Hill have gone from relatively unknown tour openers, to now touring with Sevendust. In addition, they embarked on their first major headlining tour earlier this year. They released their debut full-length studio album, ‘Smile’, on July 15, 2016. On January 19, 2018, their sophomore album ‘Too Far Gone’, was released, again via Rise Records. ‘Too Far Gone’ reached number 1 on Billboards Heatseakers Chart. Frontman Elijah Witt was kind enough to answer some questions about Cane Hill’s rituals before they go on stage, their biggest influences, and the music they’re listening to lately.  Continue reading