A Journey into Mathcore: A Journal Interview

Hailing from Sacramento, mathcore/metalcore band Journal are set to unleash their newest album “Chrysalis Ordalias” on July 17th, 2018. Journal ended up developing a dedicated group of fans after dropping their debut album “Unlorja” back in 2010. Anxiously awaiting new material, the band finally delivers after a 8 year hiatus, and boy oh boy is it tasty. I had a chance to talk with guitarist Joe Van Houten about what the guys have been up to since the release of “Unlorja”, why they write what can only be described as “video game music”, and who some of their biggest influences are. Be sure to give Journal a like on Facebook, and be sure to pick up “Chrysalis Ordalias” in either digital or physical format over on the bands Bandcamp page!

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