Interview: Jesse Cash (Erra) “Drifts” deeper into the business of touring


Few things make me more proud than to see hardworking, talented bands reaching success – whether that success is making a few albums and touring for 5-6 years and calling it a day, or sustaining continued growth over a decade and seeing their fanbase explode overnight, both are equally interesting to me. You could place progressive rock/metal band Erra in either category at the moment, though the one outlier here is that they’re not going anywhere but up from here. They recently landed the main support slot on August Burns Red’s upcoming tour, and just finished a run supporting The Plot In You. This isn’t even speaking of the band overcoming multiple vocalist and member changes that would torpedo a lesser band, and this still isn’t including their most recent album, Drift. Fans may have to get used to the slight change in style (from arguable magnum opus Augment to where they’re at now), but rest assured the slightly more accessible direction wasn’t a sellout move – it was the one that made sense. When you make an album that’s bookended by the strongest tracks the band has recorded to date (“Luminesce” and “The Hypnotist”), you’re a band that’s evolving the right way.

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Erra Releases Another New Single, “Orchid”


Alabama-based Progressive Metalcore quartet, Erra, have recently unveiled their crushing, new single, “Orchid.” The single comes as the third teaser for their long awaited Sumerian Records debut, Drift. The band has solidified their lineup with former Texas In July frontman, J.T. Cavey. Fans need not worry – “Orchid” delivers listeners with what they’ve come to expect from these southern boys: riffs, melodies, and beautiful lyricism.

Check out the single below, along with pre-order information, track listing, and more!

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