In defense of Issues’ brilliantly insane new single “Flexin”

When Issues released their much-hyped single “Flexin” on Friday, the third taste of their upcoming album Beautiful Oblivion debuted to the most polarized reaction in the “Warped Tour scene” in recent memory. As of the time of this writing, the music video was sitting about 3,100 likes and 2,400 dislikes on YouTube, and the fanbase’s comments were all over the map… with some instantly connecting with the song, and others insisting the band had “sold out”. No favors were done to the public reaction by the delirious fever dream of a music video, which features an elderly Tyler Carter breaking out of an assisted living home.

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Issues Make You Want To Move Your Feet With New Single / Video “Flexin”

On the heels of 5 million total streams within a month for new tunes and acclaim from Alternative Press and more, Issues are “Flexin” in their latest single and music video.

This time around though, the band stunt and stun alongside none other than the fabulous Farrah Moan from RuPaul’s Drag Race in the music video. Once again, they boldly fuse alternative ambition, hip-hop swagger, rock energy, and pop power into a playlist-hopping anthem.

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Photo Gallery: The TRAUMA Tour

I Prevail, Issues, and Justin Stone brought the heat to Old National Center in Indianapolis, IN on August 8th. The packed tour featured I Prevail still riding high off the success of their sophomore album Trauma, Issues are continuing to support their newest single “Tapping Out”, and the music scene was introduced to the talented Justin Stone. Our photographer Mya Tolliver caught all the action.

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