Oceano frontman Adam Warren joins Issues on stage for live performance of “Tapping Out” – watch

Currently finishing up their headlining Beautiful Oblivion tour in support of their genre-bending third full-length album, Issues are finishing 2019 in a very strong fashion. The band was also added (surprise, surprise) to Dance Gavin Dance’s 2020 headlining tour early next year as well.

Notably, though, that’s not the only awesome thing to happen to the band this week. Their standout single “Tapping Out” has quickly become a fan favorite, and Issues fans who might miss the heavier side of the band were certainly pleased. Oceano vocalist Adam Warren, who’s known well for his monstrous growls, joined the band on stage to perform the song live. Needless to say, heads would probably roll if this happened on an actual recording.

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Issues’ new record “Beautiful Oblivion” gets the Nickelback seal of approval

Beautiful Oblivion, the genre-bending 3rd full-length from Issues, is likely to be one that opens all sorts of doors for the band as far as touring. With one foot planted firmly in pop + R&B, and another in rock, metal, and soul, it’s clear that Issues’ ambition is set higher than most of their peers.

Interestingly, the band has gained lots of attention from the wider music scene as a whole. One such band that’s noticed what Issues are up to is Nickelback, of all bands. While certainly the band is (somewhat unfairly) critically reviled, 2017’s Feed The Machine was far and away the best record of their career, as the band’s brand of hard rock showed genuine ambition for the first time in a while. What does this have to do with Issues, though? No, this isn’t an episode of Top 10 Anime Crossovers.

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Issues stream genre-bending new album, “Beautiful Oblivion” – listen

Whatever you may think of Issues’ approach to genre-bending music, you really have to credit the band for genuinely not giving a single fuck about what people think of them. Granted, the band’s member changes have left them at a crossroads here, but merging pop, R&B, and post-hardcore was never going to be an easy journey anyway.

Which makes the band’s 3rd album, Beautiful Oblivion, certainly an important one. The album, which you can now stream below, is certain to be a divisive one. Led by singles like the funk/pop-influenced “Flexin'” and lead single “Tapping Out”, the new album is intriguing in that it throws a lot of disparate elements and genres together to create something that’s at least interesting, if not quality across its 13 songs. With a USA headlining tour where they’ll be bringing along Polyphia, Sleep Token, and Lil’ Aaron, Issues’ Beautiful Oblivion is just beginning.

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