Cloud Cascade: How Invent Animate came back from the brink to release “Greyview”

Releasing an album that people immediately start to love and appreciate is a tall task in itself. Couple that with not releasing a record for 4 years as well as replacing an acclaimed vocalist in Ben English, and Invent Animate’s impressive progressive metalcore achievement on Greyview is even more magnified. After all, 4 years – especially in a music scene where trends tend to move at lightspeed – is a lengthy amount of time.

Upping their technical wizardry to 11 and introducing another established face behind the mic in ex-Aviana frontman Marcus Vik, there’s plenty of familiarity on Greyview – but also plenty of excitement for their future. We caught up with the new Invent Animate frontman about what it’s like joining a new project, as well as what Adept means to him. Read on for more.

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Vocalist Ben English leaves Invent Animate: “The fire that once drove me, isn’t what it once was”

Crushing news for fans of Tragic Hero Records progressive metalcore act Invent Animate. Vocalist Ben English has chosen to step away from the band as vocalist, after 2 critically acclaimed albums that had the band getting on some massive support tours. You can view a statement from Ben below. No word on who will replace him, but he will certainly be missed.

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It looks like Oceans Ate Alaska are about to make a major announcement…

Coming off a successful album release (Hikari, which just dropped a few weeks ago), Fearless Records proggy metalcore band Oceans Ate Alaska have proved themselves as one of the fastest rising bands in the music scene. Landing multiple Billboard chart placements in the US is no small thing for a band from England. And it appears the band may be coming back stateside very soon, if recent teasing is any indication.

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Interview: Deeper Into “Stillworld” w/Ben English (Invent Animate)


Perhaps it shouldn’t be so shocking that Tragic Hero Records band Invent, Animate debuted on the charts at #133 overall in the Billboard Top 200 with their new record, Stillworld. The Texas-based progressive metalcore outfit has landed some opening and support slots on major tours in the last 18 months, buoying themselves with a solid debut record in Everchanger, and showing the kind of work ethic that puts some veteran bands to shame. It also helps that the new record is an improvement on the debut in almost every conceivable fashion.

The best part is, we got to experience it firsthand when they opened the Happiness In Self Destruction tour at the Crowbar in Tampa, FL. Even better, we had a long conversation with IA vocalist Ben English, which you can listen to below. Listen to us talk about Stillworld, horror movies, and…golf? This is a thing that really happened. If you’re into it, be sure to share with your friends. This is a band that’s doing big things.

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