Intronaut debuts sludgy new song, “Pangloss” – listen

Progressive metal band Intronaut are gearing up to release their first album in 5 years on Metal Blade Records next month. While the band is now a three-piece, don’t let that dissuade you from thinking the band’s progressive-leaning metal sound is in any way diluted. Case in point, the band’s new single, “Pangloss”, riffs just as hard as previous records, and pushes the band in exciting new directions as well. Don’t believe us? Just watch (the video).

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Intronaut unveils details of new album ‘Fluid Existential Inversions’, launches first new song in 5 years, “Cubensis”

In the almost 5 years since their most recent album The Direction Of Last Things, acclaimed metal band Intronaut have seen many similar acts try to take their sludge metal sound and adapt it into very different ways. However, the band’s previous 5 full-lengths have all been impressive in their own right, blazing a trail for future progressive and metal bands to follow – and on their new single “Cubensis”, the band’s prolific talent shows growth as well. Did we mention drumming extraordinaire Alex Rudinger played on the band’s upcoming full-length as well? Fluid Existential Inversions drops in February of next year, and if their new single “Cubensis” is any indication, we may well have an early 2020 AOTY contender, too. You won’t want to miss their North American tour with Cult Of Luna and Emma Ruth Rundle, which also starts just a day after album release day.

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Intronaut gets shafted by shady promoter: “It’s not okay to steal from musicians, and I think… we should apply the no mercy rule to anyone who does”

Being in a band is hard. Existing in a touring band? Even harder. Being a touring band in a genre that hardly sells albums anymore? Yeah, that’s nigh impossible, unless you’re really creative and wise with your money. Even for a band like Intronaut, who’ve toured the world multiple times over, released multiple well-received albums, and toured alongside bands like Between the Buried and Me, sustaining a reliable income is a tough card.

The band, who earlier this year performed in India for the first time since 2009, recently issued a stern statement as they were reportedly shafted out of their performance fees by a, well, very unscrupulous promoter. You know it’s bad when a band publicly tags your company and advises others not to work with you. And Intronaut isn’t the only victim – plenty of other musicians are speaking up in the comments section.

The lesson? Don’t steal from musicians, you’re a very bad person if you do.

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