Exclusive Interview: inthebackground press forward on new album “The Dash Between Years”

inthebackground is a genre-defying five-piece instrumental rock group hailing from Riverside, California. Their eclectic compositions often draw strongly from the propulsive rhythms of math rock, while infusing them with a fresh melodic sensibility all their own. They have performed alongside artists as varied as Strawberry Girls, Kurt Travis, and Amarionette.

Five years after the release of their debut EP, Away With Words, the band is finally back with their debut full-length release, titled The Dash Between Years. I had the privilege of sitting down for an extended conversation with the entire band in advance of the album’s release. The Dash Between Years drops Thursday, August 20, and you can check it out (and pick up some great merch designs) on Bandcamp.

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SHOW REVIEW + GALLERY: Silent Planet at Chain Reaction (March 2, 2018)

This past Friday, Silent Planet brought an incredibly cathartic musical experience to a packed audience at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. With direct support from Strawberry Girls and Night Verses, the diverse lineup put on a show spanning from metalcore to post-rock to progressive, with the consistent through-line being maximum emotional impact. TNF’s own Deniz Davenport was at the show capturing every moment, and we’re thrilled to share her excellent photos.

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The New Fury’s ’15 Bands From Florida You Should Know’ (Part 1/5)

If you have/are making a career in music, whether it be playing in a band, promoting, or writing for a media outlet, there’s one general rule that applies to pretty much everyone; Don’t forget where you came from. Even the biggest bands on the planet started out in someone’s garage. In this spirit, we will be writing up a “Top 15 Bands to Check Out” sort of deal for the Florida local bands which we personally find promise in. Five segments over five weeks, three bands per segment. Each band will be given a mini three question interview, but we highly recommend researching them further for yourselves. You can find out a little about our first three bands after the jump.

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