You can FINALLY listen to Corelia’s crowdfunded album after it got funded 5 years ago

You’ve seen it before – a crowdfunding effort concludes successfully, and the receiving party makes off with the money without providing their supporters with anything. Of Machines had something similar happen, and we were scared I Am Abomination were heading down that path before releasing their magnificent Passion of the Heist II. Thankfully, with Corelia, there’s a happy ending, as this long-awaited LP from the band’s 2011 acclaimed effort Nostalgia finally sees the light of day.

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Set Your Goals Singer Starting Label & Needs Help

Set Your Goals vocalist Matt Wilson is starting a record label, dubbed Calaveras Records, and is seeking assistance from fans via Kickstarter. The label’s first release will be a special 10th anniversary pressing of Set Your Goals’ “Reset” demo on 10″ vinyl.

Wilson explains:

My name is Matt Wilson, and I sing for a band called Set Your Goals. A couple years ago, we regained the pressing rights to our demo recording from Eulogy Recordings, who had maintained exclusive pressing rights for 7 years, beginning when we signed with them back in 2005 Continue reading