HUNDREDTH’s bold transformation is indie’s most pleasant surprise

“I don’t like that band anymore, they went soft.”

This statement, still running amok in social media comment sections, pleads for musical groups to stay confined. It inhibits experimentation and yearns for bands to not branch out and explore. One band with quite the departure is HUNDREDTH, who, after releasing melodic hardcore music until 2015, unleashed the 2017 shoegaze effort RARE. Stunning fans, it was a stark departure, but one that grew on me to the point of reshaping my tastes.

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I Am Abomination Finally Announce “Passion of the Heist II” Album

I Am Abomination, one of my most underrated artists of the previous decade, have divulged details on their next release: Passion of the Heist II.

After holding a crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and a largely-dormant 2019, things look to be in full swing for the band to drop more music in the immediate future. Between Nick Sampson’s unreal guitar work and Ian Druyor’s clever lyricism, this progressive post-hardcore band is worthy of rediscovering.

In the mentioned post, the band apologized for the radio silence; one of my Facebook friends was just recently questioning the band’s whereabouts, as they had not received their crowdfunding rewards. I’m relieved to see this post, as IAA takes responsibility in stride and will reward us all shortly with new tunes. I look forward to hearing more from this act; check out the preview below!

Review: DejaGravy – “Purgatory Dawn”


“Purgatory Dawn”

Release Date:



Fitting a description for DejaGravy’s fourth release into a clever byline is no easy task. Comprised mainly of a mysterious figure known only as Father Scardo, DejaGravy is part noise, part doom, and one hundred percent weird.
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