Interview: Kieren Alder (WSTR)

The pop-punk scene is seemingly more crowded than ever before with bands trying to hit a metaphorical “home run”. Liverpool-based WSTR is clearly on the path to that aforementioned success, releasing a successful debut EP in 2015, and touring hard off that initial attention, the band has clearly hit a tipping point in their career. With their debut full-length about to drop in January (Red, Green or Inbetween), the band is one of the fastest-rising acts of recent memory. Going from basements to sold-out support tours clearly hasn’t rattled the band, and guitarist Kieren Adler stopped by to give us the scoop on the new record, how the band is coping with success, and being a “Gunner”. All hail the Premier League. Check out his answers below! And you can view their video for “Lonely Smiles” below, too.

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