Haulix Daily Presents: 5 Tips For Improving Your Social Media Presence

Most people who have an online presence rely on social media to further their product, to an extent. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have become staples of my personal life – running a business and not using at least a few of these is tantamount to career suicide. At the very least, you’re not maximizing your potential opportunities and traffic/profit margin. This also comes from someone who didn’t use Instagram until recently, and in the 6 months or so that I have, it’s helped TNF immensely.

Having been in the music industry for many years, I can confirm there’s certain bands/musicians who are nearly indebted to social media for at least part of their major popularity. Our friends at Haulix (for the uninitiated, Haulix is a web-based platform for promoting music to the media/publications, etc) recently posted 5 killer tips for improving your online/social media presence. I can especially testify to the usefulness of scheduling certain posts online – it’s a great way to not have to be constantly hovering over at a computer.

You can check out the list that Haulix created below. Alternatively, you can check out the link right here. Be sure to check out what Haulix has to offer your band or publication. They also feature interviews with musicians and important people in the industry, so stay tuned for what Haulix can do for you.

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