It looks like Attila and I Prevail may be touring together this year

Thanks to our friends at Music Mayhem, we now know that there is a possible I Prevail and Attila tour coming soon…that is if the Twitter interactions between Fronzilla and Brian Burkheiser are real. While the two bands occupy vastly different sections of the music landscape, seeing this tour happen certainly wouldn’t be all that surprising. Do you think it’ll actually happen?

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Photo Gallery: I Prevail’s Rage on the Stage Tour Orlando, FL – November 4, 2017

Recently our photojournalist Savannah Rowley captured I Prevail’s current headline Rage on the Stage Tour with Escape the Fate, The Word Alive, and We Came as Romans as supporting acts. The tour is just over halfway finished, so if it hasn’t hit a city near you be sure to pick up tickets here.

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I Prevail’s Brian Burkheiser smashes those angered at the band’s success: “We’re just a group of kids just trying to live our dream”

Post-hardcore band I Prevail have done in 3 years what very few bands accomplish in a lifetime. Sold-out tours to hundreds of kids a night, high billing on major festivals, and selling tens of thousands of records. Especially in this “scene”, the latter is unheard of in 2017.

Granted, this seemingly overnight success has also brought plenty of detractors out in full force. Sure, you’re free not to like the band. But why let I Prevail’s success upset you? You should be letting it inspire you to do something that you actually like.

Vocalist Brian Burkheiser took to Twitter earlier today to give one of these detractors a little lesson in how to deal with haters – eloquently, of course. Clearly the band’s success is not phony.

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We Need To Talk About I Prevail’s Success

Detroit post-hardcore band I Prevail have gone from, in the span of just 3 years, total unknowns to headlining above some of their peers that have been established for well over 5 or more years. Regardless of how you feel about the band’s radio-friendly approach to post-hardcore/metalcore (comparisons to A Day To Remember abound), it’s clear that I Prevail are a very popular band at this point. They literally went from being unknown to debuting (with an EP and a popular cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”) on the Billboard Top 200 at #88. To date, the debut EP has sold over 60,000 copies, which is basically unprecedented in today’s market. And yet, people are legimately angry that I Prevail is, on their recently announced headlining tour, headlining over bands like The Word Alive, We Came As Romans, and Escape The Fate – bands that recently were charting high themselves and headlining their own popular tours.

We need to examine why people are getting mad at this, because how tours actually work are far different than an uninformed fan likely thinks they do.

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