INTERVIEW: Hurtwave’s Rory Rodriguez on sitting on songs, differences from Dayseeker

As a big Dayseeker fan, I was pleased to discover that vocalist Rory Rodriguez and drummer Mike Karle had a synthwave side project in Hurtwave. Their debut single “Sever” has been crammed in my head since its release in June, and the group have followed up with another hit, “Bleach.” Hurtwave plans to release their EP Night Therapy I in seven installments through label Spinefarm, with emphasis placed on each single. I’m excited to discuss this with Rory today:

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Dayseeker’s side project Hurtwave release first single, “Sever”


At long last, Dayseeker vocalist Rory Rodriguez and drummer Mike Karle have unleashed their project Hurtwave’s first single, “Sever.”

Opting for a more poppy/electronic approach, Rory’s unbelievable vocals are in full swing here. Rory wrote on social media that this song is about a potential significant other that strung him along for years, which he finally cuts ties with in this track’s lyricism.

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