HUNDREDTH’s bold transformation is indie’s most pleasant surprise

“I don’t like that band anymore, they went soft.”

This statement, still running amok in social media comment sections, pleads for musical groups to stay confined. It inhibits experimentation and yearns for bands to not branch out and explore. One band with quite the departure is HUNDREDTH, who, after releasing melodic hardcore music until 2015, unleashed the 2017 shoegaze effort RARE. Stunning fans, it was a stark departure, but one that grew on me to the point of reshaping my tastes.

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Hundredth teasing long album length to follow-up ‘RARE’

Hundredth made a bold change in sound in 2017 with their record RARE. Phasing away from the melodic hardcore archetype and opting into a more shoegaze, reverb-y approach, this transition was colossal, but it paid off, as the artistic direction made for my album of the year in 2017. The soundscape of RARE and the ensuing Ultrarare/summer of 2019 singles are divine, and a fascinating shift for the group.

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Hundredth release pair of incredible covers of Postal Service and Radiohead

Hundredth, who underwent quite the stylistic change in 2017 with their landmark album RARE, have made the best of the past few weeks, releasing two noteworthy covers of electronic powerhouses The Postal Service and Radiohead.

These pieces spare no expense in production and honor the source material with tons of moving parts working in sync majestically. Chadwick’s vocals have just the right amount of processing to mesh with the technological backing provided.

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