Hopesfall re-emerge with stunning, expansive new single, “Hall Of The Sky” – listen

On their 2018 comeback record Arbiter, pioneering post-hardcore/metalcore band Hopesfall clearly hadn’t run out of compelling things to say on their first album in a decade. Now, the band is back with “Hall Of The Sky”, Hopesfall’s first batch of new material since the album’s release, and boy is it impressive.

Clocking in at almost 9 minutes long, “Hall Of The Sky” is nothing if not ambitious. A massive, monolithic track that never overstays its welcome, Hopesfall’s new song encapsulates all that made Arbiter great – attention to melody and overall detail, with an effecting vocal performance from Jay Forrest as well. Give the song a spin below.

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Hopesfall’s urgent, impassioned “Arbiter” might just be the best spacey metalcore album of 2018

Ignore the title, sort of. We had to reel you in somehow. Yet somehow, it does apply to this record.

Listeners of the more melodic need to strongly consider Hopesfall’s spacey metalcore masterpiece The Satellite Years as a record that helped to define multiple genres popular today. They were, and are, a pioneering band that merges shoegaze, ambient sections, space rock vibes, and noisy, emotionally gratifying metallic hardcore. Few bands approach their level of influence in music – remember that time every local band wanted to start an ambient hardcore project in 2012ish? I’m looking at you, Lead Hands/Decoder and Being As An Ocean.

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End Of An Era: A Beginner’s Guide To Hopesfall

While they went 11 years between albums (finally releasing their comeback record Arbiter this summer), North Carolina post-hardcore/metalcore band Hopesfall’s influence on most bands of those genres today are strongly felt. Look at bands like Holding Absence, for instance. Rising acts like them are indebted to the sound that Hopesfall helped pioneer, especially on their 2002 album The Satellite Years. Hopesfall’s brand of post-hardcore has always been about incoporating their influences (post-rock, metal, shoegaze, even dream pop) into a concoction that involves lots of melodies and breathtaking choruses. Take the track “Tunguska” from Arbiter – what a huge track! Few bands can claim to writing such great melodies, and songs in general.

Their whole discography, while short, is certainly worth a listen today. Starting with 1999’s The Frailty Of Words, Hopesfall has released 5 full-lengths and an EP (which we’ll get to soon), all of which made large inroads on the cross-section of bright melodies with harsh riffs in the last 2 decades. Join us as we examine why Hopesfall is influential, and what makes them such a special band.

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Influential post-hardcore band Hopesfall premiere first new song in over a decade, “H.A. Wallace Space Academy” – new album “Arbiter” out July 13th

Last year, highly influential post-hardcore/metalcore/what have you band Hopesfall announced they’d be working on a follow-up to Magnetic North – their first batch of new music in a decade. The band is now stoked to announce that Arbiter, a brand new full-length, drops July 13th. There’s also a brand new song to sink your teeth into, as well, in the form of “H.A. Wallace Space Academy”.

They’re one of our favorite bands here, to be certain. And while we’ve said it many times, the band’s catalogue is a key influence on many of today’s post-hardcore and metalcore bands – Erra, The Word Alive, and Lower Definition might not exist without them.

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