South Street Lullaby: Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso goes deep on MNF, new album “Seasons”

When you’re in the music industry as long as we’ve been, you see trends emerge and fade away just as quickly. Plenty of bands we’ve discussed in the past have gone on to bigger things, broken up, or simply ceased to cash in on the momentum they gained quickly. New York rock/nu-metal band fit the first role, but not quite in the way you’d think – their current success with their 2nd album (and 3rd overall) for Hopeless Records, Seasons, certainly didn’t come overnight.

No, this is a band that had nothing handed to them, simply playing basements in their home state of New York. Being from New York City, a diverse melting pot of cultures, gave the band a unique demographic to tap into initially – but it’s Sylar’s willingness to experiment inside of their rap-rock framework that makes them an already successful crossover act. The maturity from their debut album To Whom It May Concern to 2018’s Seasons is an effective one, because one listen to Seasons and both old and new fans will realize that Sylar has a distinct trait – and that’s honesty.

Becoming a father is no small thing, as Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso experienced a few months ago, and it really does change your outlook on life. Weathering life’s “Seasons” can be difficult, but ultimately is rewarding.

We were able to have an extended chat with Jayden last week, as they’re currently supporting Beartooth and Knocked Loose on a massive tour right now. If you’re keen, we dive really deep into the history of the band, as well as having their huge single “All Or Nothing” played on Monday Night Football. Give it a spin below, as well as their new album Seasons.

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Australian alternative rock rising stars Young Lions release new song, “Help”

Australian alternative rock band Young Lions, whose 2017 album Mr. Spaceman clocked in at #12 on our annual Top 100 Albums list, are back with a new song entitled “Help”. The new track is the band’s first batch of new material since that album’s release in 2017, and it follows up the band’s biggest year to date.

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It’s Sylar Season: Sylar headed back into the studio to record album #3

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love New York-based nu-metal/alt-metal band Sylar. This band has been special to us since we saw them in 2013 supporting their newly-released Deadbeat EP, and while the tour they did in support of My Ticket Home and For All I Am certainly made the band many new fans, it’s their last 2 full-lengths which have really showed their true evolution as an entity. Especially 2016’s Help!, which showed the band expanding their songwriting skills and gaining major traction on high-profile festivals in the USA.

This makes their upcoming 3rd album, which the band is recording now in LA, a crucial one. Which direction will Sylar go? We don’t quite know, but given their songwriting prowess and ability to experiment outside the conventions of their genre, we’re stoked for it – and you should be, too.

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Sylar Brings Back Nu-Metal With New Single, “Assume”


Upon first listen to Sylar’s new single, “Assume”, you might be forgiven if you were thinking you had traveled in a timewarp, to a time where nu-metal ruled the rock airwaves. Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Papa Roach? Yeah. New York’s Sylar has been peddling their melodic, anthemic brand of aggrotech nu-metal revival for a few years now, and soon experienced success – touring with some really big bands in the scene, and staying on the road for months at a time. Their debut full-length To Whom It May Concern was a solid effort that, even so, made fans and critics want more. Having seen them at some tiny venues over the years up close and personal, they’re a band truly made for the big stage. And with their new single (and impending album, out in August) the sky truly is the limit for Sylar.

Check out the new video below, and make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section. We’re pretty keen on this song – it’s bouncy, melodic, yet still aggressive.

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