Gideon Drop New Heavy Track featuring Knocked Loose Frontman

[photo by Chris Lott]

Woah. This is absolutely sick.

Gideon are no strangers to writing absolute bangers, but it seems that they’ve gone all out with this new track off of their upcoming record Cold. Gideon has had quite a few rough days, which no doubt have inspired the lyrical content for “Cursed”.

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Sea of Trees Stream New EP “Foolish Fire”

San Diego post-hardcore band Sea of Trees have released their brand new debut EP Foolish Fire over at Bandcamp. The promising young band offers up three high-intensity tracks, built around the soaring melodies of singer Sasha Gordy, and the pummeling screams of Aldrynne Eslava. Guitarist Jesse McDonald and bassist Garrison Huff (who have both departed the band since the EP’s recording, replaced by Sinoé Chavez and Tyler Schneider, respectively) lay down an intricate melodic foundation, supported by the grooves of drummer Jerrin “Moogz” Foote.

The band independently recorded and self-produced the EP at Cuyamaca College in San Diego. If the three tracks on display here are any indication of what can be expected from them on subsequent releases, then their future is sure to be bright. Stream the EP in the player below.

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Emmure Release Video For “Smokey”

Receiving tons of praise the new Emmure record, Look At Yourself, features some of the band’s best work. The track “Smokey” has just received a music video and we are here to let you know this video is short and sweet but gives you everything you want out of a heavy song. It’s a surprisingly good record that might well be considered the band’s best so far.

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This Week In Singles – February 17, 2017

With so much new music coming out every week, it’s hard to know where to start, or how to avoid wasting your time on mediocre songs. This becomes even more difficult when a bunch of artists release singles at the end of the week, cramming you with music to catch up on that can easily get lost amidst album releases. That’s why starting this week, I’m launching a new series called This Week In Singles. I’ll catch you up on all the latest releases, and give you a brief review so that you know what to expect! Let’s dive in.

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