Exclusive: Lost Boy’s “Cave In” Is An Homage To 90’s Alt-Rock


Eras of music are often a cyclical/recycled beast – over the past few years, we’ve seen the nu-metal revival in the form of bands like Sylar and Issues, and the shoegaze/dream pop/grunge throwbacks of bands like Turnover, Pity Sex, and Superheaven (long live Daylight). You can comfortably put Georgia’s Lost Boy somewhere in the latter category – they’re certainly not the product of 1999. But what they are is somewhere between the guitar-driven shoegazy alt-rock of Swerverdriver/Ride/Hum, and the pop-punk of early Turnover, if such a midway point can be imagined. In other words, what Lost Boy is doing is a fairly unique take on the genre, setting feet in both camps instead of one or the other.

We’re stoked to be premiering their new track, “Cave In”, which you can find below. Their EP New Normal can be preordered as well – it’s out July 15th – and the band is having a release show to go along with it.

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Show Review- Papertowns Record Release Tour

Exponent Manor

Nashville, TN

July 23, 2015

Photos by Nick Zimmer

Exponent Manor is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues in Nashville. Aside from the fact that it’s someone’s house & that house shows are awesome, the close proximity of the band and the crowd is something that just can’t be matched. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy going to shows at all different venues, but any show that lacks a barrier and has no real stage ranks high on my list of favorites. There are multiple shows going on at Exponent every week and I’m fortunate to live nearby. Read on to hear about the bands that played last night!

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25 Incredible Guitar Albums You’ve Been Sleeping On

If there’s one instrument that has cemented itself as the cornerstone of modern popular music, it’s the guitar. Beethoven once said “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself,” and now, with the discovery of electricity and the invention of numerous diversifying effects, this statement rings truer than ever.

In this list are 25 albums that the feature the guitar in some way that that exemplifies it’s place in a given band or ensemble, whether to create atmosphere and texture, compliment the other musicians, or stand alone as a solo instrument – you’ll find albums on this list that cover a wide range of styles and genres that the guitar calls home. For fans of the guitar and guitar-oriented music, of which there are undoubtedly many, this list may help in discovering some truly remarkable gems that have, perhaps, been elusive and under the radar up until now.

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