Populist Grindcore: SxCx’s Leprosy At Conception


If one were to think of a subgenre of metal music that seemed immune from antiquity, surely, Grindcore would be high on the list. Through it’s sheer aggression, speed, and raw intensity – coupled with lyrics ranging over numerous controversial subject matters – Grindcore has always seemed, if not fresh, at least jarring, able to slap listeners into attention without sounding dated or tedious. Grindcore’s pitfall, however, seems to have been a lack of variance – listeners seem to have become desensitized, and while many still enjoy the music, it doesn’t shock like it used to.

The years roll by and as 2015 draws ever nearer, Grindcore acts appear to be a dime a dozen. What’s saving this mighty subgenre from irrelevance, if anything?

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The Best Metal Albums of 2014 (so far)



We are about halfway through the year of 2014 already and some astounding music has come out across all genres. Heavy metal is no exception with constant releases coming out from every side of its variety of subgenres from death metal to doom to experimental and everything in between. So what are the best metal releases so far in the year of 2014? Continue reading

Review: Enabler – “La Fin Absolue Du Monde”




RATING: 9/10


Enabler are a hardcore punk band from Ohio, and they incorporate many elements of melodic metal in their music. This provides an interesting blend, as exhibited by their sophomore record, La Fin Absolue Du Monde (French for The Absolute End of the World).

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