Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer announce massive ‘Hella Mega’ world tour

After teasing it over the weekend and having rumors surrounding it fly on social media the last 72 hours, it’s now official – Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer have announced what’s being dubbed as the ‘Hella Mega’ tour. The news also arrives with the likelihood that Green Day will be supporting their as-of-yet untitled 13th studio album, as well.

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This Day In Music History: February 1, 1994 – Green Day unleashes major label debut, “Dookie”

Pop-punk, while existing as a genre for a very long time in bands like Ramones, Descendents, Buzzcocks, and more, wasn’t always the mainstream success it has been for the last 25 years or so. It took a wave of bands like Bad Religion, The Offspring, Jawbreaker, and Green Day in the early 90’s to really bring the genre to the forefront of music. It was arguably Green Day’s major-label debut Dookie, released on this day 25 years ago, that really spearheaded the genre to huge record sales and sold-out tours.

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Exclusive: Masturbation In Music

-Longview-green-day-12843035-768-576I have had the idea of writing an article about masturbation in music for awhile now. Come out to find there has been similar articles done over the years. This might offend some people and make some laugh. But weren’t we all a curious teenager at once, do we not all have hormones.


What better than writing a catchy song about your youth and your built up frustration. With that being said here is my top 3 songs that promote or talk about masturbation. Continue reading

Editorial: On Selling Out


On Selling Out

Any band who is met with any type of mainstream success or a long career is forced to evolve in their music in order to survive in the dog eat dog world of music. The decision to evolve is generally met by a wall of “true fans” screaming at the band that it hasn’t evolved; it has sold out! The idea of selling out is a ridiculous one. Every single musician has constantly changing musical influences and interests, and each one brings a new angle to a band’s writing.
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