The new Deftones album will “definitely” see a release in 2020, says vocalist Chino Moreno

With the band’s annual Dia de los Deftones festival in San Diego having already been curated for another successful year, fans of the alt-metal legends have certainly been clamoring for a new track from the band, who haven’t released a record since 2016’s Gore. All good things take time, of course, and for Deftones, that’s really no exception considering their quality over the years. Now, it seems we have a little more of a definitive timeline for when their 9th full-length might be released.

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Deftones confirm new music is coming in 2019

While it’s been almost 3 years since their most recent album Gore was released, fans of the alt-metal veterans won’t have to wait too long for new music. Having just headlined their own Dia De Los Deftones festival in San Diego in November, the band has officially confirmed they’ll be releasing new music in 2019.

While we have little idea what the record will sound like, fans can likely expect some progression from Gore, as well as their sound overall. While Gore certainly wasn’t the best-received Deftones album to date, there are plenty of great tracks on the record – especially “Doomed User”, the emotive and post-rock influenced “Hearts/Wires”, and “Phantom Bride”. Perhaps it’s worth revisiting again, as it’s an album that tends to grow on the listener.

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Stream the thrilling new Deftones album, “Gore”


If there’s one band out there that simply refuses to make less than awesome material, it’s alternative metal veterans Deftones. From 2000’s career highlight White Pony to 2012’s sharp yet atmospheric Koi No Yokan, there aren’t many bands who, 21 years after their debut album, continue to make important and high-quality albums that will stand the test of time.

You can probably throw their 8th studio album Gore in that category as well. Like more recent Deftones albums, it’s a challenging listen that might not be immediate at first, but tracks like “Hearts / Wires” and single “Doomed User” are stunning slice of ethereal post-metal that channel classic Deftones, while simultaneously blazing an entirely new, more ambient direction for the band.

The band is releasing the new album this Friday, April 8th. However, a somewhat low quality version of the album made its way to various sites online, including Youtube. You can find that version below, but if this one gets deleted, we’ll make sure to add the inevitable stream when one surfaces sometime this week.

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