Old Wounds channel classic post-hardcore on disarming new record, “Glow”

Glow is the 3rd record from New Jersey hardcore band Old Wounds, and the band’s first since 2015’s The Suffering Spirit. We won’t bother with some lengthy intro about how the band has matured or evolved – one listen to Glow reflects their songwriting skills in spades. Channeling some of the most iconic post-hardcore bands in the scene, Old Wounds have a real winner here, easily their best work overall.

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North Carolina rock band Glow releases new EP, “Cherish You”

North Carolina melodic rock band Glow are certainly a band on the rise. The band’s debut EP, Cherish You, just dropped today – and the band has also released a new video for their song “Emily Rose”, which is about vocalist Ryan Mitchell’s sister. Needless to say, it’s probably the emotional centerpiece of Cherish You. Debut single “Patterns” notably featured Emarosa’s Bradley Walden, and the single also has racked up 10,000 Spotify plays in barely a month. In other words, impressive stuff for such a young band.

You can stream the video and the entire EP below, and while the band may be young and fresh, it’s fairly clear that Glow are on their way to a bright future. The present, though, is pretty nice as well.

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