TNF Presents: The Beginner’s Guide To Glassjaw

To say Glassjaw is one of the most important post-hardcore bands of the last 20 years is not an understatement. Rarely can any band in the genre go 15 years without releasing a full-length album and still sound relevant, but Glassjaw did just that with the December 2017 release of Material Control. While many of the band’s diehard fans have likely been listening for many years, it’s certainly possible there are newcomers to the band as well. That’s why we’re opening up an occasional new series, “The Beginner’s Guide To…”, where we highlight essential bands in the scene, their history, evolution from album to album, and other assorted events that would interest someone new to said band. Of course, our first one is Glassjaw who, while only having released 3 full-length albums since 2000’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence, have remained a driving and influential force into what modern post-hardcore sounds like.

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Glassjaw releases their first new album in 15 years, “Material Control” – listen

The day that many thought might never come is now here: highly influential post-hardcore band Glassjaw are here to demand you rewrite your 2017 “best of” lists. This comes in the form of Material Control, the band’s first full-length since 2002’s Worship and Tribute. The results, unsurprisingly, are fantastic – but we’ll let you decide that. Stream the entire album below and tell your friends that Glassjaw is back.

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Wrecking Ball: Day Two

Wrecking Ball
Atlanta, GA
The Masquerade
August 9th


Round two of Wrecking Ball for us started with watching Superheaven on the Masquerade Music Park stage. I had seen them earlier this year on a much smaller stage indoors, so catching them play an outdoor set was something new for me. This time, they were the opening band for day two. It was a bit strange to me that they were the first band to play– I would have thought that they drew a large enough crowd to play later in the day. Taylor was super appreciative of everyone that was there to watch them play, saying that he had expected “three or four people” to watch. Playing new material from their latest album, Ours Is Chrome, their set was entertaining and definitely an excellent way to start the day.  Read about the rest of our day after the jump!

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