Ghosts Of The Sun release their new guitar playthrough for “Enlil”

Progressive experimental band Ghosts Of The Sun just released a brand new play through for their single “Enlil”. The band who signed onto CB Entertainment earlier this year has been working on tons of new material to push to their fans. The group hails from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. “Enlil” is a nine minute track that features thought out transitions, and structure. This playthrough focuses on the guitar work.

Ghosts Of The Sun sign with CB Entertainment, premiere new video for ‘Aether’ – watch!

Progressive-instrumental band Ghosts Of The Sun have just premiered visual stream for the single ‘Aethere’, and with that, they have joined CB Entertainment for worldwide representation. Ghosts of the Sun is a four-piece post-metal outfit that draws from a wide range of genres including ambient, progressive, industrial, and post-rock. Songs are crafted emphasizing atmosphere, contrast, dynamics, patience, and exploration. Featuring members Eric Giardina – Guitar/Synths, Rick St. Germaine – Guitar, Justin Terry – Drums, Alex Vang – Bass. ‘AETHER’ is a result of the band’s enthrallment with abstract science and art. The song embraces the heavier elements of their repertoire favoring the blistering attack of guitars and textural exploration.”

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