“…Also our drummer died” – Is this the best band breakup ever?

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This Might Be The Greatest Band Breakup Announcement Of All Time

Unfortunate reality” is an understatement.
  • Horror-doom band Witchrot from Toronto may not be the most well known band on the scene, but after this (unfortunate circumstances but brilliant all the same) they may be one of your favourite bands for this simple reason.

The band just broke up due to an “unfortunate reality.” The thing is, their breakup announcement is so utterly awesome that it might make you a fan without you ever hearing a note of their music.

Here’s what Witchrot posted to their Facebook Sunday night:

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Honest Album Art: A Facebook Page Guaranteed to Make Metal Fans Laugh


A rapidly growing Facebook page is making metalheads die from laughter. The page titled “Honest Album Art” takes the album art of a particular album and slightly alters the logo or title in some way that represents a common opinion of the album whether it deals with the lyrics throughout the album, the album’s sound, etc. It is all fun and games here so don’t take it too seriously and have a good laugh! See some of my favorites posted so far here.

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