Foxing releases ambitious new single, “Gameshark”

Foxing have fast become one of the most important names in indie rock today. On The Albatross and Dealer, the Missouri-bred band cemented themselves as a promising band to watch, showing maturity and songwriting beyond their years. With “Gameshark”, the 3rd single from their upcoming album Nearer My God, Foxing’s sound is even bigger and more ambitious than before.

It’s honestly hard to quantify who you’d compare the band to at this point. The National? Lydia? Portugal, The Man? Maybe they just sound like Foxing. In any case, the new single is vastly different than anything they’ve tried before, and it’s risky and ambitious moments like these that make Foxing very endearing.

Needless to say, you should be excited for Nearer My God to drop August 10th.

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Indie rock band Foxing releases new song, “Slapstick”

Acclaimed indie rock band Foxing, who have released two critically acclaimed records in Dealer (2015) and The Albatross (2013), are back with a brand new song, “Slapstick”. This accompanies the announcement that the band will be releasing a new record, Nearer My God, August 10th through Triple Crown Records. The new song continues the weathered tradition of Foxing’s great songwriting, with an evolution that may surprise longtime fans of the band. Check out the video for “Slapstick” below.

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FEST: Saturday

Gainesville, Florida

We ventured back out through Gainesville for the second day of FEST on Halloween.  The day was filled with great bands, great food, and seeing a lot of friends.  Take a look at our day after the jump!

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