Texas metalcore band Fit For A King record highest first-week sales of their career with “Dark Skies”

As other bands in the genre have done over the years, whether it’s increased in stature (Bullet For My Valentine) or broken up completely, metalcore is an admittedly oversaturated genre of music that nonetheless has plenty of bands to carry the torch for it – those that are younger and hungry. Architects, Bury Tomorrow, and especially Texans Fit For A King have been in the game a long time, but still are managing to maintain their momentum with both quality music as well as compelling.

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Watch Fit For A King perform heavy NEW song, “Shattered Glass”

4 full-lengths into their illustrious career, Texas metalcore band Fit For A King continue to widen their audience and garner a bigger fanbase seemingly by the day. This is, of course, a band who worked their way up from a local band to headlining their own sold-out tours in a short period of time. Combine that strong work ethic with an accessible, heavy metalcore sound, and you have a recipe for success.

By the sound of their new song, “Shattered Glass”, it appears Fit For A King are going to continue their streak of improving on every album. The evolution from their debut album Descendants to their 2016 album Deathgrip has been an effective one, and the band just performed a new song 2 nights ago while on tour supporting Born Of Osiris. The song, titled “Shattered Glass”, was filmed live for your viewing pleasure. Give it a watch below!

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Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby discusses the financial logistics of being in a band: “We know this could all go away with one bad album”

It wasn’t too long ago that members of Fit For A King and Northlane, two of the more popular and successful bands in heavy music right now, took to Reddit recently to discuss the issues even popular bands have with staying afloat financially. With album sales paling in comparison with even a decade ago, musicians have been forced to get creative to gain momentum – taking side jobs and extra work to fuel their passion and career. It’s honestly very interesting and inspiring to see the lengths that musicians (and other creatives in general) will go to, to see their dreams become realized playing on a stage every night.

Fit For A King’s Ryan Kirby recently discussed this more in-depth in a recent Twitter post, reiterating that the music industry is still a goal worth pursuing. Strong words. Check out what he had to say below!

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It Lies Within Release New Music Video from Sophomore Album


It Lies Within has released a new music video for “Ecdysis”, a song from their upcoming sophomore album Paramount.  Out 1/8/16 via Luxor Records, Paramount features guest vocalist appearances from Telle Smith (The Word Alive), Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King), and Jonny Mcbee (The Browning). McBee also co-produced the album with As They Sleep guitarist Nick Morris.

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