In The Spotlight: Ambient alternative rockers Commonwealth

As I sit here at work doing nothing of particular consequence, I’ve noticed that the times I sit idly by are also the best times to discover new music. That’s exactly what I did when I decided to go to Dreambound, the Youtube channel that’s basically guaranteed to hit you right in the feels with ambient, rock, and post-hardcore music – all delivered with sincerity and emotion.

I happened to stumble across self-described ambient alternative rock band Commonwealth, who have just two singles to their name – “Vinyl” and “Father(s)”. While “Vinyl” is a really good song, it’s the latter song that has me in an emotional grip. Commonwealth plays genuinely emotional alternative rock that’s more spacey than most of their peers – two fairly easy bands to pinpoint as influences here are Hopesfall and Casey. The latter is a more modern comparison (if Casey veered more toward alt-rock and away from post-hardcore), while the former’s 2002 masterpiece The Satellite Years evokes similar comparisons for the ambient post-hardcore sound that a lot of bands are pursuing today.

All in all, Commonwealth is a fantastic band that is destined for great things. On the back of just two singles, their star is rising. Be prepared.

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