Exclusive Interview: inthebackground press forward on new album “The Dash Between Years”

inthebackground is a genre-defying five-piece instrumental rock group hailing from Riverside, California. Their eclectic compositions often draw strongly from the propulsive rhythms of math rock, while infusing them with a fresh melodic sensibility all their own. They have performed alongside artists as varied as Strawberry Girls, Kurt Travis, and Amarionette.

Five years after the release of their debut EP, Away With Words, the band is finally back with their debut full-length release, titled The Dash Between Years. I had the privilege of sitting down for an extended conversation with the entire band in advance of the album’s release. The Dash Between Years drops Thursday, August 20, and you can check it out (and pick up some great merch designs) on Bandcamp.

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Brass Against adds horn section to their brand of metal – Tom Morello approves

Always embracing music that loves to experiment, I took a look at Brass Against, a metal band that has its entire section of horns incorporated into the mix. Garnering a following after their covers of bands such as Tool and Rage Against the Machine, the latter band’s acclaimed guitarist, Tom Morello, claims the group as “an incredible brass band.” Today, I take a look at their Brass Against EP set to release April 10th!

The self-titled EP, marking the band’s first original material, opens with “Umbra,” a vicious scream from Sophia Urista indicates that the band isn’t messing around. A steady mix of clean and unclean vocals melds beauty in the verses with bold choruses. With some horns hitting shrill high notes and others matching the guitar line, the variety on display is invigorating.

“Pull The Trigger” is a politically-charged delve into the current state of the streets. The edgy verses highlight the passion behind Sophia’s vocals, while the horns are as impactful as the conventional rock instruments throughout this track. While the singing takes the spotlight, the horns back them up unequivocally.

The last track is “Blood On The Other,” starting with a meaty riff that benefits from the inclusion of horns to ooze some extra melody out of this section. Sophia speaking in foreign languages during the bridge cements the experimentation at play.

This EP is a new experience for anyone not acquainted with Brass Against, and I found myself as a new fan of the group after the brief listen. I will be exploring the covers, as the act has played some of the most quality pieces from bands in the 90’s/00’s. Brass Against comes with a hearty recommendation, ahead of the April 10th release of Brass Against!

Oathbreaker announce new release for track “Ease Me”

A genre that has stood the test of time this past decade is post-metal. Acts like Deafheaven, Russian Circles, and Jesu have garnered large audiences for their artistic rendition of metal music.

Oathbreaker is yet another impactful band that continues to produce great tunes through their sporadic releases in the 2010’s. While it has been four years since their stellar Rheia album, they capped off 2019 with “Ease Me,” a profound, exploratory track that has already been remixed by the aforementioned Jesu.

Today, the band announced the release of Ease Me & 4 Interpretations for May 8th. This includes vinyl on light blue/light yellow, coke bottle clear/white & gold splatter, quite the assortment of colorful variants.

The artists helming the remixes are Jesu, WIFE, Chelsea Wolfe, and Michael A. Muller. This song is already experimental in nature, so to see it dissected and modified will be an auditory treat.

Oathbreaker fans can pre-save/order the track here. I greatly look forward to listening to this track in all its forms!

Huo Announce First Tour, Presented By Halftone Booking.


Huo is a post-hard-indie-core-rock-stuff band based out of central Connecticut, USA. With less than a year of existing as an entity, the 4 have managed to release a 6 track EP titled “Sques”. Fun, upbeat, and energetic are a few words to describe huo’s music and live experience. The band have announced their plans for an upcoming mini East cost tour this fall, you can find the dates and more after the jump.

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