Starve To Survive rebrand as STARVED, emerge with explosive new single “Becoming Dirt”

Newcastle, UK-based metalcore band Starve To Survive have rebranded themselves as Starved, and fittingly, the underground favorites have emerged with a new song to celebrate the auditory change as well.

The single is called “Becoming Dirt” and will be up on Spotify February 28th. For now, however, you can watch their exclusive new video for this hard hitting new song below. The new song does bring in a stylistic change as well, with a more melodic chorus that hints at their fellow peers like Loathe and even Blood Youth, but it really feels like Starved are starting to find what they’re good at here with a solid all-round performance. We think you’ll be convinced too.

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Exclusive: My View On The “Scene” With Jeff From Obscurities.

970632_520709074632999_1889530804_nHey Guys, Jeff (Guitar/Cleans) from Obscurities here. I just wanted to share with you today some of my thoughts and views on local music and the scene. These are my own personal opinions, let me know what you think. The local music scene has altered tons since I was a kid. It’s changed for the better and the worse. There is not as much love between bands or between bands and promoters as there used to be. Continue reading