Hot Damn! You can now get your wedding officiated by Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley

While we know the Buffalo band is in the middle of recording their 9th full-length album, Every Time I Die have certainly been busy elsewhere as well. With their annual hometown show (now 2 days!) being filled with support acts as diverse as Against Me! and Ghostface Killah, ETIDiots are in for a treat, per the usual. This doesn’t just apply for the band as a whole, either. Along with being a published author and a teacher. ETID vocalist Keith Buckley can now add a very special title to his repertoire.

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Every Time I Die confirm they’re recording their 9th full-length album

Long one of rock and post-hardcore’s most exciting acts, Every Time I Die have always delivered quality music on their 20 year run. Hell, the band was honored by their home city as a cultural icon.

Are you ready for a new Every Time I Die album? So are we. The Buffalo band, who’ve impressively championed their home city and released 8 full-length albums to date, haven’t released a record since 2016’s Low Teens. However, that’s all about to change – and hopefully very soon, too.

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Watch: Jeremy DePoyster (The Devil Wears Prada) fills in for Keith Buckley (ETID)

Recently, Every Time I Die had to cancel a few shows due to vocalist Keith Buckley’s family emergency. While ETID still has a number of European festival and show dates left (not to mention a US tour w/Taking Back Sunday in less than a month), family is always the most important thing. But to avoid canceling more shows, the band would have to get creative to replace Keith.

Enter The Devil Wears Prada’s Jeremy DePoyster, who (along with members of While She Sleeps, SHVPES, and Trap Them) helped out ETID with the unfortunate circumstances. You can view the video below, via Jeremy’s Instagram account. And according to ETID, Sam Carter of Architects is filling in tomorrow as well, which will certainly be a treat for fans of both bands. (Edit: see below for a photo of Sam).

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