Artery Recordings Sign She Must Burn, Release “Possessed” Music Video & Self Titled EP


Artery Recordings has announced the signing of symphonic brutes She Must Burn. The London quintet released their self-titled debut EP as well as a music video for the first single “Possessed”.

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Not By Sight Releases First Single, “Stand”, Featuring Members Of Evanescence, Saint Asonia, & Sevendust


Hard Rock band Not By Sight has released a lyric video for their track “Stand“. The track features¬†Jane Train (Liz Phair), Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Eye Empire, Dark New Day, Saint Asonia), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence, Seether, Dark New Day, doubleDrive), and Morgan Rose (Sevendust). The track was produced, and mixed by Corey Lowery.

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GEARS Releases “Face Down” Lyric Video From New EP ‘Pride Comes Before The Fall’


Miami, Florida based Hard Rock band GEARS have released a lyric video for their track “Face Down” from their new EP Pride Comes Before The Fall, available now on iTunes. The EP was written by Corey Lowery & GEARS, produced, mixed, & engineered by Corey Lowery, and mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse. The lyric video was created by¬†James Shomo.

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No Longer “Fallen” – How Evanescence’s 2003 Debut Shaped A Generation


The early 2000’s were strong for the nu-metal and post-grunge scene. Staind, Linkin Park, and Chevelle were selling tons of records, and rock radio was almost completely dominated by the 2 aforementioned genres. But in 2003, the cracks were starting to show. Some bands had difficulty following up a breakout album and they saw sales tank, or the opposite happened – sales were still solid, but critical respect dwindled.

Cue a tiny, unknown band from Arkansas whose first single was on the Daredevil soundtrack on Wind-Up Records. If that didn’t set them up for success, nothing would have – but it happened. Fallen has sold 7 million US copies, and 17 million worldwide, achieving a #7 Billboard chart debut in March 2003.

Fallen wasn’t necessarily a revolutionary album by any means (in actuality, it’s fairly standard post-grunge/alt-metal), but compared to everything else on the radio and TV at the time, there was something different about the album – most likely being vocalist Amy Lee’s voice, which drew comparisons to icons like Tori Amos, but in a darker and even more soul-baring fashion. There had to be a counterpoint to the negativity, and though Fallen is a dark, dark album, there are flashes of light beyond the surface, especially on some of the 2nd half of the album.

Given that Fallen has had a huge impact on my life, it’s time to share a story about the first time I heard the band. Check it out below.

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