INTERVIEW: James Lewis of NOM∀DIC on perfecting “Euphoria” and how a blue jay changed his life


NOM∀DIC’s Euphoria is my current album of the year for 2020. A breath of fresh air for the genre of metal, it’s purposeful, perfectly-executed, and a thrill ride with a memorable climax. Originally slated to release in April, James Lewis decided to release a song from the album every two weeks leading up to July 10th, with brilliant art for each piece. Watching Euphoria unfold in this fashion gradually got me beyond excited for the final product, and it delivered. I had the chance to speak to James with some big questions about the release.

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NOM∀DIC’s “Euphoria” is epic, powerful, and July’s best metal album (review)

NOM∀DIC, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to bring to your attention a metal album that is one of the most important ad masterful of 2020. When I reached out to NOM∀DIC ahead of the original April release date of Euphoria, I only had one song to go off of, but was smitten with what I heard. After COVID hit, the band did something no other did for their delay: they released a single off the record every two weeks ahead of this July 10th release. Each with their own artwork and vibe, this ingenious method helped me grow to adore Euphoria ahead of its eventual release.

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NOM∀DIC takes a unique approach to their album delay

Finding NOM∀DIC in my music search was like finding a diamond in the rough. This metal act transcends genres and has a presentation like no other, as, from their logo to their recent singles’ artwork, the band values every facet of their captivation.

Upon speaking to them, I’ve learned of their plan to release their newest album, Euphoria. While most bands release a few singles ahead of a big album, NOM∀DIC is doing things differently. They plan to release a song off the album every two weeks, each with their own artwork, until every track has been unveiled by July 10th.

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