Notes From Underground, Volume 1 – 23 Bands That Are Revitalizing the Underground

While there’s sadly a plethora of formerly interesting bands now attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator via lazy songwriting and lack of inspiration, there’s plenty of exciting acts that are rising from their local scenes to tour with known quantities. Some, like Knocked Loose, seemingly did so overnight – while others, like Code Orange, took more of a slow burning route to get nominated for Grammy awards.

No matter which way you slice it, if you’re a fan of hardcore, metalcore, grindcore, or really any heavy music subgenre, there’s plenty of exciting acts coming around. On this first edition of Notes From Underground, we’re bringing you the best the underground has to offer. Strap yourselves in and discover something new today.

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Rebirth Protocol: Vein’s brand of revolutionary industrial hardcore delivers on “Errorzone”

To put it plainly, Vein’s debut full-length, Errorzone, hits like a ten ton hammer (Machine Head reference intended). The Closed Casket Activities band really have things set from day one, as their debut marries elements of modern hardcore, industrial, metalcore, nu-metal, and mathcore to create something that may just blow your mind.

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Vein are here to take the metal world by storm with incendiary new song, “Virus://Vibrance”

Over the past couple years, a legion of bands have emerged that continue to redefine and reshape heavy music. Code Orange? Yeah, they were nominated for a Grammy. Sanction? Touring with The Black Dahlia Murder. You can add Vein to that list with their new single, “Virus://Vibrance”. The incendiary new track, which is off their debut full-length (errorzone, out in June via Closed Casket Activities), is like a cross between mid-period TDEP/Converge, and the more industrial influences of Slipknot/Fear Factory. In other words, fucking awesome. The riff-heavy new track borders on absolute insanity at times, and if this track is any indication, their incendiary live shows are about to get that much crazier.

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