Watch Erra’s JT Cavey join Silent Planet on stage to perform new single, “Northern Fires (Guernica)”

Silent Planet’s new single “Northern Fires (Guernica)” is already one of the most praised songs in the metalcore band’s repertoire to date, racking up almost 200,000 Spotify streams in just under a month. While that’s not a cut and dry indication of a band’s overall success, it does signify the band’s ascension as a vital cog in honest and forward-thinking heavy music.

While on tour with My Epic and Comrades, Erra vocalist JT Cavey joined the band to perform their new single. Perhaps we can get an Erra/Silent Planet co-headlining tour in the near future? Here’s hoping – they’re two of the best in the game right now.

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Progressive metalcore band Erra produce one of the best songs of their career on new single, “Disarray”

Through 3 full-lengths and multiple EP’s, Alabama’s own progressive metalcore band Erra are entering a, well, new era with their newest song, “Disarray”. With a video for the track finally available in high-def studio quality, it’s clear that the band is set to reach the upper echelon of their peers with excellent songwriting and bright melodies paired together. The song also introduces subtle synths and electronics into the mix, which really gives the talented band a new dimension to work with, sonically. Give the video a watch after the jump, as well as a brand new photo of the band, who are now a five-piece. Oh, and the news gets even better with the announcement that their 4th full-length, Neon, drops August 10th.

Should you be interested in exploring what this band has to offer, give our Beginner’s Guide series a look, as we explore what makes Erra a unique and special band.

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Watch progressive metalcore band Erra perform new song, “Disarray”

While fans have been awaiting the next installment in their discography, Alabama progressive metalcore band Erra have recently debuted a new song, “Disarray” – though only in live form on their current tour with Dance Gavin Dance. Recorded at the end of May, the new song appears to blend Augment with aspects of Drift, which is a good thing considering Augment is considered their best work, while Drift was their most successful album cycle to date. While the release date for the song is unknown, an official new Erra release is likely coming soon – the 2nd album with vocalist JT Cavey.

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Omega Children: A Beginner’s Guide To Erra

Truly one of the most impressive progressive metalcore bands of our time, Alabama’s Erra have made a name for themselves with both outstanding technicality and dynamic vocals, and that’s without mentioning the jaw-dropping vocals of Jesse Cash, whose range borders on Anthony Green levels at times. Though the band is now on their 3rd vocalist, JT Cavey proved himself adept on 2016’s breakout album Drift. He had big shoes to fill in both original vocalist Garrison Lee and Ian Eubanks, but his proficient mid-range screams and clear passion for the band he plays in is rivaled by few.

We’re going to take a somewhat deep dive into what makes this band a special entity not to be missed. Whether you’ve been a fan of the band since their Andromeda days, or got into the band after hearing “Skyline” for the first time, read on as we explore just how interesting Erra’s evolution actually is.

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